High Content Images Analysis
  Tissue Microarray
  MA Analyst
  LEGENDplex™ Data Analysis
  Multi Well Analysis

Accurately extract and quantify the signal intensity and area in multiple channel or level, Automatic segmentation of the cells, nuclear, cytoplasm, Hito-Immuno Chemical or antibody straining and other signal area.

High content screen
To auto Align/Stitch and Blend images, find nuclear, micronuclei, mitotic cells, centrosomes, and cytoplasm from multi-channel images in one click or batch process.  Can perform nonlinear regression to calculate IC50 and confidence interval and plot/print/save the dose response curves.  
  Quantify pathological staining by auto color deconvolution and feature identifications. Allows to include/exclude any regions by free-hand drawing    
  Auto detect nuclei and micronuclei, group them into individual cell based on cytoplasm in second channel.  

  Lung airway  
  Detect and calculate the average chord length and auto exclude terminal bronchioles and boundary regions. Also perform ks-test, t-test and p-value calculations.  
  To find both tiny/weak and big/strong spots and split heavily overlapped spots in one click. Robust, hands-off, and can run batch process.   
  Mitotic Spindle Localization  
  Based on nuclei channel to auto find and quantify spindles in mitotic cells, which, in turn, are used to measure spindle dislocation in third channel.  

 3D Isosurface

3D view of 3 colors and a composite image.

Spindles were found from color 2 (Fitch) image

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