High Content Images Analysis
  Tissue Microarray
  LEGENDplex™ Data Analysis
  Multi Well Analysis
Main Features
  Detects both tiny/weak and big/strong spots

  Split heavily overlapped spots
  Manage layers of object hierarchies such as nuclei, centrosomes,
    micronuclei, and cytoplasmas
  Combine features and information from multi-channel images
  Perform batch process in multiple plates
  Align/stitch and blend images
  Find and calculate the average chord length and auto exclude terminal bronchioles and boundary
  Quantify pathological staining by auto color deconvolution and feature identifications.
  Allows the scientist to verify one by one after batch process.  User can also include/exclude any
    polygon regions by free-hand drawing.
  Auto determine any possible outliers and perform ks-test, t-test and p-value calculations.
  Perform nonlinear regression to calculate IC50 and confidence interval and plot/print/save the dose
    response curves.  more....

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