On wednesday 29 July, 2009, CapitalBio Corporation and VigeneTech Inc. have announced the launch of a fully integrated microarray solution platform. CapitalBio Corp., a developer and marketer of diagnostic biochips and advanced microarray instrument systems, in collaboration with VigeneTech Inc., developers of novel image analysis, automation, and instrumentation software,now offer a platform that combines the superior performance and ¡°one-click¡± automation of the MicroVigeneTM image analysis suite with the long established performance of CapitalBio¡¯s LuxScanTM microarray scanners.

The LuxScanTM system with MicroVigene™ is well-suited for diagnostic and high-throughput DNA, protein, antibody, and miRNA array applications. The embedded image acquisition control, combined with the synchronized image analysis of the LuxScan/ MicroVigene platform offers unparalleled speed, sensitivity, and image data of superior accuracy. VigeneTech¡¯s customized quality control processes and flexible architecture ensure robust automation, while maintaining the flexibility to meet the quality and performance demands of clinical and pre-clinical array applications.

¡°The MicroVigene software from VigeneTech bring a new dimension to the analysis possibilities realizable with LuxScan microarray scanners, opening up a suite of advanced applications for protein analysis, DNA analysis and cell analysis¡± - noted Dr. Jing Cheng, CEO and Founder of CapitalBio - ¡°The LuxScan scanners have a wide depth of field which can capture accurate images from different types of microarrays and from tissue arrays. The combination of these scanning advantages with MicroVigene software provides enhanced analysis possibilities. This fully customized application brings image analysis to a new level of control. Irregular spots and offset spots are all found easily and then analyzed with the highest accuracy.¡±

 ¡°Sensitivity, accuracy and reliability are the key drivers for any microarray technology to be adopted in the field, especially for diagnostic and high- throughput drug discovery applications. VigeneTech has the image analysis solutions to meets these stringent requirements¡° - Dr Minzi Ruan, CEO of VigeneTech commented ¨C ¡°The integration of MicroVigene with the reputable LuxScan scanner represents a complete turn-key system, with the flexibility and extensibility to accommodate any new diagnostic or research microarray applications and will be a superior platform for deploying diagnostic arrays in the field.¡±


VigeneTech Inc. is a leading provider of automated image and data analysis software solutions. VigeneTech offers novel scientific software and customized solutions for biomarker discovery, drug development, diagnostic and other clinical and pre-clinical applications. Our product platforms include: VigeneTech¡¯s MicroVigene™ for microarray image analysis, which delivers unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility; and VigeneTech¡¯s CellVigene™, which provides superior signal extraction and quantitation of cell/tissue-based images for diagnostic and pre-clinical high-content applications. For more information, visit www.vigenetech.com


CapitalBio Corporation is China¡¯s leading developer and marketer of biochips, microarray related instruments and microarray services. Its range of LuxScan dual and single laser microarray scanners are used widely in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It also develops active biochips and dedicated software for data analysis and biomedical data management. The company, founded in 2000, currently has nearly 400 employees and is closely linked to the National Engineering Research Centre for Beijing Biochip Technology. For more information, visit www.capitalbio.com.

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