Life Technologies Sources VigeneTech Image Analysis Engine for Prodigy TM Microarray Platform
April 14, 2010 

VigeneTech Inc. has released an OEM image analysis solution to support Life Technologies Corporation¡¯s, Prodigy™ an automated, research-use array platform. Life Technologies is a global biotechnology tools company providing premier systems, consumables, and services for scientific researchers around the world. It sources VigeneTech, developers of novel image analysis, automation and instrumentation software, to provide the core image analysis engine for their state-of-the-art Prodigy microarray instrument.

The Prodigy System offers simplified automation, superior efficiency and reliability for research-use microarray applications and utilizes VigeneTech¡¯s MicroVigene™ core image analysis technology for their end-to-end solution.

MicroVigene is a microarray image analysis software platform that delivers unparalleled performance and provides the highest level of speed, sensitivity, accuracy, and level of automation from a variety of challenging images commonly seen in the field. MicroVigene¡¯s flexible software can accommodate a variety of microarray applications and delivers the quality and performance necessary for Life technologies current research applications and potential future clinical and diagnostic microarray applications.

¡°The Prodigy instrument is a complete, automated microarray solution. The OEM image analysis platform we developed for Invitrogen/ Life Technologies leverages our core signal detection and quantitation technology and reaffirms VigeneTech as a leader in superior performing image analysis solutions¡± - Minzi Ruan, CEO of VigeneTech commented ¨C ¡°we are excited to support the OEM relationship with Life Technologies.¡±


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