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  CapitalBio Co. and VigeneTech launch a fully intergrated microarray solution platform...   Millipore and VigeneTech launch MiILLIPLEXTM Analyst software for  Luminex platform....   Whatman, Part of GE Healthcare, and VigeneTech Launch Custom Software for Fast Quant® System   New features for Reverse Phase Protein Microarray data analysis
Jul 29, 2009  Sept 8 , 2008   Jun 12, 2008  May 1,2008 
MicrovigeneTM for
DNA,RNA,CGH Microarray
Protein/Antibody Microarray
  CellvigeneTM for
Tissue Microarray
Cell Based Image Analysis
Luminex Data Analysis
  Software Development Service  
  Online Image Analysis Service  


Apr 17-21,  Washington, DC
Web training session
 9:00-10:00 am, Apr 12
For MicroVigeneTM new users

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