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MicroVigene version 3.0
Software Capabilities & Main Features
MicroVigeneTM ver 3.0 includes many features and functions that will facilitate you to analyze your DNA/ RNA, protein/antibody and other type of microarray images.
   One time tuning and one mouse click
   Automatically find blocks, align flex-grid, and locate spot, remove dust, and correct background. 
   Support batch process 
   User Friendly interface
    Support any type of grid layout up to four levels of hierarchies via configurable objects
   3D on screen visualization to check spot accuracy
   Display scatter plot to view the correlation between images.
   View the fold change or spot info in grid. By clicking  a row in the grid, the corresponding spot in 
      the  image will be highlighted, and visa verse.
   Output over 20 spot measurements at your choice in Text, Excel, or XML.
   Save grid and spots in binary and vector format
    Support plug-ins to allow you extend the functionalities tailored to your own needs.
    Import plate map file to associate gene IDs with individual spots.
   Automatically combine two channel images to one color composite image
   Automatically overlay saved grid spots on top of the image.
   Automatic image contrast enhancement
   Zoom in, out, and into a selected region.  You can also use the magnifier to zoom a small region.
   Print preview and batch print
   Histogram display for a selected region
    Full support for  8- or 16-bit TIFF, .GEL and Fuji's images. 
   Save selected region of image to Tiff format
   Stitch multiple image (new)
   Control spot quantification with thresholds in spot intensity and shape
Grid and Spots Quality
MicroVigeneTM  can automatically place flexible grid and perform accurate signal background segmentation.  The benefits of accurate segmentation are: High accuracy ,High sensitivity,100% data reproducibility.

The following screen capture illustrates how well MicroVigeneTM can find the actual spot boundary with flexible grid.

Quality Determination Criteria

All spots on the array image are categorized and color-coded according to their quality;

Reliable spot color code: cyan, green, and some
Un-reliable spots color code: red,

Reliable and un-reliable spot number codes in the output data file (the .txt file);
Each circle is centered at the center of mass of each spot.

2D vs. 3D Visualization

It is hard to tell if the spots was find correctly from the image and spot overlay . It is much clearer when view from 3D visualization tool.

Download Information sheet for more information about the function and performance:

  Sample Analyzed Array Images  MicroVigene information brochure (.PDF)  
  Function FAQ  MicroVigene Step-by-Step (.doc)  
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