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MicroVigene version 3.0  

MicroVigene offers:
   Flexibility and Extensibility

Software Capabilities & Main Features

   Supports DNA/RNA and protein microarray with four levels hierarchy image
   one mouse click to analyze an image
   Accurate grids and precise spot intensity, robust to shifted and weak images
   Automatic background subtraction, dust removal, auto flag contamination 
   Unattended batch process, support plug-in and more...    
 MicroVigene image analysis gallery
 Web demonstration, MicroVigene version 3.0 Trial l version
   100% reproducible and operator independent results 
   Actual spot boundary definition to obtain accurate spot signal
   Automatic dust removal with back fill
   Regional background subtraction to obtain highest sensitivity
   Blooming correction
   3D visualization for convenient quality assurance
   One mouse click operation for any combination of images
   Automatically find image block, place flex grid, and quantify spots
   Robust analysis of shifted, crooked, noisy and weak images
   Hands free batch process
   10000 spots in less than one minute
   Automatic rotating and flipping
Flexibility and Extensibility
   Support any image layout up to three levels of hierarchies: mixed orientation of blocks,
     any type of grid layout, and various sizes of spots or sub grids
   Manual operations include: use anchor points, find dust, adjust spot location and grid line,
     define image block, and flag spot
   Object-oriented design allows maximum flexibility
   Open system architecture supports custom plug-ins
   Seamless integration with post image analysis system weak MicroVigene features continue´
Output Features
   26 output choices of spots quantification and qualification data in text, xml, excel or custom format
   Two images overlay with warping and registration
   Scattered correlation plot associated with 2D image and 3D spot profile
   Generate fold change in linear, log, and log ratio format with composite and original spots images
   Output can be sorted in any order  
   Global and control point point normalization Scatter
View detailed product information about function and performance
  Analyzed DNA/RNA Microarray image gallery  MicroVigene information brochure (.PDF)  
  Function FAQ  MicroVigene Step-by-Step (.doc)  
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