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MicroVigeneversion 3.0                      

   MicroVigeneTM ver 3.0
Output Features
26 output choices of spots quantification and qualification data in text, xml, excel or custom format
Two images overlay with warping and registration
Scattered correlation plot associated with 2D image and 3D spot profile
Generate fold change in linear, log, and log ratio format with composite and original spots images
Output can be sorted in any order  
Global and control point point normalization Scatter

26 output value list:  

area_bkg        _____      background area
area_signal      _____     signal area
area_spot       _____     spot area
aspect            _____     aspect ratio
bkg_used        _____     background value used
circularity         _____     spot circularity
cv_bkg            _____     background coefficient of variance
cv_spot           _____     spot coefficient of variance
dustiness          _____     dustiness
mean_bkg        _____      background
mean_dust       _____      mean dust
mean_net        _____     spot mean subtracted by background used
mean_totl        _____     spot mean
median_bkg      _____     background median
median_net       _____     spot median subtracted by background used
median_total     _____     spot median
solidity              _____      solidity
type                  _____      spot type
vol_bkg             _____      background mean times signal area
vol_dust            _____      dust mean times dust area
vol_net             _____      mean_net times signal area
vol_total            _____      spot mean times signal area
xcenter             _____      spot mass center x
ycenter             _____      spot mass center y


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